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Why Salzburg, Austria?

Ask anyone who has been here and they'll tell you why! Every year, the Academy's participants agree that Grödig-bei-Salzburg is the perfect setting for a European summer.

In fact, many people consider Salzburg the most charming, safe & friendly city in Europe!

Salzburg Panorama

The City of Salzburg

From the very first sight of Hoensalzburg, the Fortress, a symbol of medieval power, this "Baroque Jewell" with its old-world ambiance and wrought iron signs, spacious squares with sculpted fountains, and ancient winding streets consisting of Romantic and Ornate Architecture is truly delightful. To thousands of people throughout the world, this Baroque center in its Alpine setting is known primarily as Mozart’s birthplace. More recently, Salzburg has been known as the natural setting for Hollywood epics wishing to capture the charm and splendor of Europe at the height of bygone eras.

Experience all this first-hand with us this summer…

You can walk, bike or bus each morning from your nearby Austrian home to the modern facilities of the school for your classes. Our optional itinerary is also jam-packed with exciting, meaningful, educational & enriching experiences for everyone! Travel to Italy, Germany, etc...

Biking in Salzburg

Salzburg is a Bicycling Paradise

It would be impossible to list all the things to do in Salzburg. Aside from shopping and sightseeing, one can attend recitals, concerts, performances at the world-famous Marionette Theatre, visit galleries & museums, see Hofmannsthal's play Jedermann, go mountain climbing, biking on awesome trails, swimming & exploring and get to know Austrians, gracious, friendly, cultured, hard-working people with natural, healthy lifstyles! You will find that time passes by all too quickly in lovely and enchanting Salzburg!! Come join us...

Cafe Tomaselli

Salzburg: A Fairytale City

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