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Dr. Henry Lenz, Founder and Executive Director

Henry Lenz

Dr. Henry Lenz

Dr. Henry Lenz is Professor Emeritus of Secondary Education and German Language of Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania. He received his bachelors at Ohio State University, his masters from the University of Colorado, and his doctorate from Ohio State University. Salzburg, Austria awarded him an honorary Citizenship for his outstanding contributions to students and education, after 25 years of international educational programs between Austria and the United States.

In 1964, while teaching high school Germany, Henry began taking students abroad. He later expanded this annual summer work to include college, adult, and senior groups. After completing his Ph.D., he began teaching college in Pennsylvania, and has developed and directed international programs for high schools, colleges and universities throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania. Dr. Lenz received grants to develop language curriculum guides for schools, to develop Japanese awareness in colleges, to develop auto visual education in schools in Egypt and to develop teacher training colleges in Kenya. Henry was also an exchange professor in South Korea and China.

Dr. Lenz is a native of Hungary, and has done extensive writing and research on the history, language and culture of the German people living there. He is currently researching the old German towns and cemeteries and existed before Communism and the ethnic deportations of 1947-48. In addition to going on the European Summer Study Program each July, Dr. Lenz’s escorts his most recent tours which focus on “The Other Europe” – featuring small towns and alpine villages of Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, the Czech Republic and Hungary. To travel with Henry is to have the culture, history and the people of a country a part of your reality. Now retired from teaching, but still very much active and involved with CSA, Henry can be reached at TourDoctor34@aol.com.

Sonya Lenz, Program Director

Sonya Lenz

Sonya Lenz

Dr. and Mrs. Lenz have four daughters, all of whom were raised working and traveling with the family business. Youngest daughter, Sonya, spent every summer of her childhood and teen years in Salzburg with CSA’s European Summer Study Program. She studied both German Language and non-German Language courses on the Program, later was a member of the CSA Salzburg Staff and is now the Group Coordinator and Director of the Program. Sonya received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Art History and Ceramic Sculpture at Slippery Rock University. She has lived and worked in Europe, Asia, and the United States. Sonya can be reached directly at sonya@csatours.com

Vipin Kohli, CFO and Marketing Director


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