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Scholarship and Financial Aid Opportunities


Humanities Course 2008

SCHOLARSHIPS: Each year that our Program is offered, a limited number of scholarships are available, open to all participants. These are awarded primarily on the basis of merit, academic and professional accomplishment and financial need. The maximum scholarship award is $1000 total. The average range of scholarships is between $100 and $400. Scholarships are awarded in Salzburg upon successful completion of mid-term exams and may not be applied toward the basic cost of the program. Application forms are sent to all participants prior to departure.

FINANCIAL AID: Upon acceptance into CSA's Program, interested students are advised to contact the institution at which they are presently enrolled for information on qualifications of and how to obtain Financial Aid. Financial Aid applications should be processed where the applicant is presently enrolled as a full time student. CSA cannot activate or expedite this process, however will assist applicants with required materials upon request. In most cases, those applying for Financial Aid must be enrolled in a course for academic credit (most workshops offered are not applicable).


The CSA School Building

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