CSA Tours

Traveling on Your Own

Those wishing to travel on their own, before or after the program, may do so. Requests for an early departure or a late return are assessed a deviation fee of $150 plus the cost (if any) above the group airfare used for this program. Any extension to the program dates might be subject to a higher airfare since the airfare rate with this program is based on a group airfare. Any additional airfare charge will depend upon the city of your departure/return. (You may depart to/return from any European gateway – however, if it is a gateway city in Germany, there is usually no additional fee required.) Please call our office for any such requests AS SOON AS POSSIBLE, because certain summer conferences & festivals have caused extremely limited space availability with Lufthansa Airlines.

EXTEND YOUR TRIP!! Individual sightseeing for those who want to explore and experience traveling on their own before, during or after the program...it is an inexpensive way to learn about the cities and sites of Europe. If participants wish to have special additional travel arrangements made for them by CSA's affiliate travel agency (Lenz Travel Services - LTS) such as Eurail Passes, point-to-point train tickets, domestic European airline tickets, ets. they should indicate on their Reservaion Form the arrangements they desire. All special travel arrangements booked by LTS will be billed separately.

Youth Hostel Passes

Fees vary according to age. Hostelling International provides access to more than 4500 hostels in 70 countries and hundreds of local discounts. Passes can be purchased and complete details and information found on-line at the national website and we also recommend you visit http://www.hihostels.com. You will need a current photograph and your birth date for a card. The average cost of Youth Hostel Pass / Membership card is around $28. A Youth Hostel Pass is also good for CSA participants traveling independently on weekends. Hostels cost approximately $10 – $30 a night depending on the city and night of stay. Through the website you can also purchase the Official 2009 Youth Hostel Guide (recommended).

Eurail Passes

Eurail Passes are good for a period of time ranging from 5 days to two months. In most cases, the first day you use your Eurail pass validates the pass for consecutive day use (however, different types of passes are available and each have certain liberties, restrictions and regulations). They enable you to travel by train throughout most Western European countries including Ireland, Greece and the Netherlands. The cost varies depending on the type of pass and number of days of travel desired. Please call the CSA Office (1-800-443-8687) for prices, complete details and to order your Eurail pass. Eurail passes MUST be purchased in the USA and can not be obtained once abroad.

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