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E-mailing While in Salzburg

There are many places to get on the internet in downtown Salzburg and the surrounding areas by visiting Internet Cafes or Cyber Cafes. These popular hang-outs feature desktops and laptop connections, have access to printing, offer beverages and munchies and are wonderful places to go for all your e-mail and internet needs as well as for meeting other travelers and making new friends.

There is a wonderful internet cafe right in our district of Grödig! Just minutes walking distance from the CSA school and most of the Pensions we have for our accommodations, it is usually the best one to go to. It's name is THE GRÖDIG INTERNET CAFE, and the owner, Elvis, is always around to help. They offer a discount to all CSA participants (just show your CSA ID card!). Their regular fee is Euro 2,- for 1 hour of internet access, but for CSA participants, it is Euro 1,50. They also sell telephone cards! The cost for a 250 minute card is Euro 5,- and the cost for a 500 minute card is Euro 10,-.

While in downtown Salzburg, CSA recommends going to several wonderful Cyber Cafes in Salzburg (and we point them out on our city tour). Clients can utilize the computers/printers and access the internet, as well as send and receive e-mail. The going rate for a one month membership is around $90 and includes UNLIMITED ACCESS. The costs for ‘light month memberships’ are about $20. The costs for access without membership are about $3 for 15 minutes access.

Hours of operation: 7 Days a week!
Cyber Café on Gstättengasse 29 and on Mozartplatz 5, www.cybar.at
Das Computerhaus on Rainbergstrasse 3a
Café Buffet on Hermann-Bahr-PPromenade 4, www.webland.lion.cc
Media Markt Salzburg, Alpenstrasse 107, www.mediamarkt.com
Ingloby, Franz Josef Strasse 31, www.ingloby.at

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