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Pre Departure Information

The CSA European Summer Study Program in Salzburg, Austria is offered in a 3-4 week session each July. A wonderful variety of Educational courses and workshops are offered during this session. Every program applicant will receive pre-departure CSA Bulletins. Information provided in the CSA Bulletins is intended for ALL program participants, unless so noted or pertaining to a specific course only. Some of the information is below for your information and reference:

Flight Arrangements

The approximate group departure times on Tuesday, July 06

The exact flight numbers and times of ALL the international flights will be listed in CSA Bulletin #3.
Those of you who, on your application or through other correspondence, indicated a city of departure to connect with your international gateway city’s flights, will be booked on domestic flights at the lowest possible airfare. These participants will be contacted by Lenz Travel Services’ Manager and Travel Agent, Anna Connell. She will be calling in regards to the details (airline, connecting times, rates, etc.) and billing information for domestic flights. If you did not indicate a specific departure city for domestic flight connections, we assume you will join the group in your international gateway city request. Be sure to confirm your airline requests by looking in your Program acceptance letter.

If you have a Lufthansa or United Airlines frequent flyer number(s), please send them to the CSA Office and also plan to have them with you when you check in at your international gateway departure city. If you are flying on domestic flights and you have a frequent flyer or miles program card that applies, don’t forget to present it during check-in.

Day Trips & Overnight Excursions

Additional information on all Optional Trips, Overnight excursions, and Day Trips will be sent in CSA Bulletin #2. This information will contain detailed descriptions of the trips, with exact dates. A registration form for the trips will be attached and must be sent to the CSA office (even if you are not planning to sign up for any trips). We strongly encourage you to sign up for our optional trips before we depart for Europe. Once in Europe, we may not have space available. Last year, all trips and excursions were totally sold out; there were no cancellations or drop-outs, and a few participants on the wait lists were unable to go on the trips they desired. You will be able to pay for these optional trips by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, check or money order.


You will need two (2) duplicate pictures of yourself to accompany your passport application. You will need two (2) photographs (not necessarily passport-size) to be sent to the CSA office for your data sheet & CSA Student ID Card. We urge you to have your passport pictures made with enough copies to fulfill your needs.


A vaccination certificate is not required by the United States Health Services for travel within Europe.

Physical Examination

All participants MUST send us a doctor’s statement from their doctor or health service indicating that he/she has had a physical examination within the last six (6) months prior to our departure. Heart disease, diabetes, allergies and/or other conditions should be indicated on the statement. This is for your protection as well as a REQUIREMENT of CSA’s. Your health statement should be sent in by May 31, 2010. There is no form for this, just have your doctor conduct a General Check-up, accompanied by a statement i.e.: “John Doe is in good health and able to travel abroad. He is on no medications and has no special health needs or requirements.” OR “John Doe is on _________ medication to treat his ________ condition.”

Changes of Address

Participants in college – please send your change of address to us by May 1, 2010, if you are receiving your information at school. We do not want you to miss any Bulletins, your tickets, luggage tags or any pre-departure information!

Roommate Requests

If you and another participant going on the program would like to be assigned as roommates, the CSA Office MUST have written request from both participants by May 20, 2010. CSA does not guarantee that you will be housed together, but will do everything possible to meet your requests.

Calling All Vegetarians

If you are a vegetarian and would like to receive vegetarian meals this summer, please call the CSA Office or drop us a note. If you do not inform the CSA Office that you would like vegetarian meals prior to May 31, 2010, you will not be eligible for vegetarian meals. You may not “switch over” to vegetarian meals once in Salzburg. (The CSA Office is unable to make arrangements for providing any special diet/diabetic European meals other than vegetarian.)

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