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During the Program, participants live in Pensions or Pension Hotels (delightful Bed & Breakfast type home accommodations, each owned and operated by warm, friendly Austrians) with shared bath facilities.

Breakfast will be served/available daily. Breakfast is traditional European continental-style: coffee, tea, hot chocolate, rolls and/or baked goods, butter, jams/jellies, honey, etc. (many hosts provide additional treats such as luncheon meats, cheeses, home-made strudels, cakes, tortes, etc.)


Rooms are for 2 or 3 persons (triple room housing is often limited and should be requested if preferred). Participants may make roommate requests and CSA will do everything possible to satisfy such requests (if made in writing by both parties). Assigned Pension & Host names with their addresses are sent to participants about 3 weeks before departure.

Single rooms and rooms with private bath facilities are available on a first-request basis at additional cost as follows:


Delightful Accommodations

Home Away from Home

Sweet Dreams

Sonya's Scoop

The Austrian Pensions we use on our program are just fabulous. We know all the owners and their families personally. Each year we invite them to our CSA Performance Program. The "Hausfraus" (Ladies of the House or House Mothers) enjoy spoiling their guests and do everything they can to make CSA participants feel at home! I can go on and on about our wonderful Hausfraus, Hausherrs and their loving children… As far as location goes, all of the Pensions we use on our program are in walking distance to the Hotel Grödig and Restaurant Rossini (where many CSA participants go to hang out, etc.) and the school. Many of our host families are related… we have THREE of the Ziegler families that host our students each summer. All three Zieglers have wonderful, big farm houses and live on working farms… one family even has horses to can ride.. and last summer we got to see a calf being born!!! Every year we ask our host families if they had any problems, special requests.. they always laugh and tell us that they just love the CSA participants and look forward to having them stay in their homes each July. As for our participants and any problems they have… well, one student did complain that his Hausfrau kept ironing his underwear (talk about being well cared for)! Another student said that if she put any clothes across a chair or didn’t hang her clothes up or put them away that she would come home to find them missing… because her Hausfrau took them and washed them for her!! As far as special treats go.. well, one year I bought some big, beautiful cherries for my Hausfrau and the next morning for breakfast I had a delicious cherry cake waiting for me!! (I caught on to that one fast and bought her apples the following week!!—yum yum) If you have any further questions about our housing arrangements… please don’t hesitate to give me a call…1-800-443-8687!

You'll Sleep Quite Comfortably in Austria

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