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German History Workshop

Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation

Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation


GERMAN HISTORY WORKSHOP (NFC) will explore German history from Roman remains to the present. Selected sites will be used to examine transition from a Roman to a Medieval city, evolution of the First Reich into the “incubator of polities” with Europe’s frst permanent parliament –a confederation of states that has become a model for the European Union, the German Renaissance, the rise of the Baroque prince/principality, Germany’s role in the Scientifc Revolution and Second Industrial Revolution, the Third Reich, reconstruction… This workshop will include field trips to various German and Austrian sites using public transit: learning how to get around in Europe will be part of the experience and can be used as resume enhancement. Students seeking credit should see appropriate faculty regarding development of an independent study based on some aspect of the experience. For those who teach, this workshop will afford an ample opportunity to develop classroom teaching resources on a range of periods/subjects. Castles, palaces, churches, baubles that will dazzle, curiosities that will amuse, technology that will amaze, memorials and sites of shame will be part of the package. Participants will receive a list of relevant works in the CSA Library as well as site readings. They will be encouraged to maintain a daily journal so that the experience will not blur and submit an essay with photos for a trip booklet. All will receive a certifcate upon completion of the program.


Dr. Marie Donaghay holds a doctorate in History from the University of Virginia where she specialized in modern European history (1500+). Her research interest, publications and papers have centered on the diplomatic origins of the French Revolution. She has taught a full range of European history courses from the Middle Ages to the present, including the Modern Germany course at East Stroudsburg University where she has been Associate Professor of History since 1992. Dr. Donaghay may be reached by e-mail at: mdonaghay@po-box.esu.edu, phone: (570) 422-3255 or post: c/o History Department; ESU; East Stroudsburg, PA 18301-2999.


This workshop is open to all those interested in the development of Germany and Central Europe. The Workshop fees (NFC) are: $375 billed by and payable to CSA (all fees due prior to departure). Additional fees: Participation in CSA’s Salzkammergut and Berchtesgaden/Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest required; all others highly recommended.

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