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Family Holiday

Make Memories to Last for Generations


THE ALPINE FAMILY LIVING WORKSHOP (NFC): Make memories to last for generations! With its dreamy fantasy-like landscape between mountains and lakes, Salzburg is the ideal destination for a family vacation featuring a leisurely pace and convenient, short distances to a wide range of global entertainment options and children’s activities that ofer a limitless, many-faceted itinerary for all ages! Take the whole family on this sensational alpine adventure …the perfect opportunity to increase children’s international environmental awareness and understanding of cultural diferences that exist in their ever changing world. Sing the folk songs, play the traditional games, learn valuable insight into local customs and hear the provincial tales, proverbs and legends of the Austro-Germanic people. This intimate workshop focuses on positive social skills promoting family togetherness, fellowship and harmony while safely journeying abroad. Taking dventurous walks through the forest Hänsel und Gretel-style behind the baroque Hellbrunn Castle and into the hidden Stein (stone) Theater, appreciating the hospitality of a local family’s Bauernhaus (farm house) to learn their way of living, exploring the amazing Toy Museum in the Bürgerspital, dressing-up for an elegant evening performance of The Magic Flute at the Marionette Theater, savoring in the delicious pastries at the Café Fürst confectioner’s shop (where the original Salzburg Mozartkugel was frst made), spending a morning of discovery in the traditional Bauernmakt (Farmer’s Market), enjoying a horse carriage (Fiaker) ride in the city, skipping along Do-Re-Mi-style in the Mirabell Gardens, and then after short afternoon naps under thick, fluffy featherbeds, setting of on new adventures are all part of this awesome exploration. This relaxed yet fulflling workshop offers plenty of free time for swimming, biking, hiking, climbing and individual family-time near lush alpine meadows, mountain streams and a city of true enchantment (with an experienced, professional, bilingual instructor always on hand to assist and make recommendations). Adult activities are also possible (and encouraged) with baby-sitting services readily available.


Judy Casturo is a retired German teacher who taught in the Upper St. Clair School District, a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA. She has been the activities director with CSA in Salzburg over the past twenty years. She has enthusiasm for and a love of the German language, history and culture and enjoys sharing that love with her students. Her philosophy of teaching and parenting is based on a comfortable relationship with children that encourages learning through shared experiences. A family vacation in an ideal setting like Salzburg where those experiences will be enhanced and guided is an opportunity that Judy looks forward to bringing to your family this summer.

Children's Paradise

Children's Paradise

So much fun...

So much fun


Open to participants ages 5+ (children must be accompanied by parent) interested in living and learning the Austrian-family life-style. Designed to attract families (younger people with older people), in moderate levels of ftness and those with eager, energetic attitudes interested in learning about and trying new, safe and healthy approaches to living. Gingerbread house owners need not apply! Workshop fees are: $500 billed separately in the Spring by CSA. Additional fees are: include entrance fees to area sights, attractions, museums of approximately $175.

Family Holiday

Family Holiday

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