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Piano Performance Workshop or Lessons



INDIVIDUAL INSTRUCTION (NFC) Private piano lesson instruction for the Advanced Level Piano students. Principlesand techniques for individual performance will be emphasized. Performance opportunities include the CSA Concert and various other locales in and around Salzburg.


Dr. Gereon Lorenz Kleiner, professor at the world famous University Mozarteum in Salzburg, was born in
Weingarten, Germany and studied piano performance in Stuttgart, Vienna and Salzburg with L. Lierth, Hans Kann, Roland Keller and Erika Frieser. In 1988, he was awarded first prize in Vienna’s prestigious Piano Musicians of the 0th Century Competition. Dr. Kleiner has held and continues to hold numerous concert performances in Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, and Belgium, he has had countless broadcasts throughout Europe and Japan, and has several music CDs made featuring his solo, chamber music, piano accompaniment and orchestra piano performances. Dr. Kleiner has taught at the University Mozarteum for over 16 years and specializes in pedagogical and practical piano performance education. Instruction is given in English.


Open to all students with an interest in piano performance at an advanced level (4+ years of instruction required). Students are encouraged to send a tape and resume of their training, however it is not required. Dr. Kleiner will contact all students prior to departure regarding specific scores and music to bring—if any. The number of lessons is determined by the student’s desire and the instructors availability. Private Individual Instruction fees are: $100-$150 per hour sessions billed separately in Salzburg by Professor. Additional fees: None.

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