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Mozart and His World

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart is the most famous Austrian of all time. Music lovers from all over travel to Austria to attend special celebrations, concert and opera performances. Enter the world of Mozart —depicting the person, his family, his passion for games, as well as his joy in dance and costume.



MUSIC WORKSHOP (NFC).. A rare opportunity to study Mozart’s life & music in the city of his birth. The workshop will have the opportunity to listen to Wolfgang’s music, discuss what his music means today and how it has influenced not only Austrian music but the entire world of music. Wolfgang grew up in the Baroque city of Salzburg. The course will explore the city and see selected examples of Baroque and Rococo architecture that had a profound influence on him. Students will hear the music of Baroque, including the Mannheimer style and the Classics. Discuss Wolfgang, his father, and facts about their lives and social standings. To get a vivid impression, the class students take excursions to Mozart’s birth house and to the house where he lived when he was older and to hear the piano he played. The class will hear some of the well-known and lesser-known interpretations of Wolfgang’s music, compare them, discuss what his music means today and how it has influenced Austrian music. Gain a deep understanding and appreciation for this one man, his music and his life.


Dr. Maribeth Knaub, professor, is Chair of the Department of Music at Slippery Rock University where she also teaches voice, music history, and the Alexander Technique. Her Masters Degree is from the Peabody Conservatory of Music of Johns Hopkins University and her Doctorate Degree is from the University of Pittsburgh. Dr. Knaub is a wellknown lecturer in Ireland and the U.S., particularly in the eastern states. She has given presentations at regional and state music therapy and music education conferences. She also teaches a course and coordinates/presents the International Conducting Workshop that is held at Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, PA. As a singer, Dr. Knaub has sung many of the mezzo soprano roles in area operatic productions. As a vocal director and coach, she has directed 25+ operatic productions, most of them composed by Mozart. Dr. Knaub has a great passion for Mozart’s music! Come and be inspired and exhilarated by learning more about this fantastic composer in the city of his birth. Dr. Knaub can be contacted by e-mail: maribeth.knaub@sru.edu and by telephone: 724-738-2441.


Mozart Statue
Open to all students. Taught in English—no knowledge of the German language is required. Workshop sessions structured so that professionals and amateurs alike can broaden their knowledge of thisfascinating character from music history. Workshop fees are: $400 (no academic credit). Invoiced separately by CSA prior to departure. Additional costs include: Approximately $100.— to purchase tickets to concert performances, exhibitions, entrance fees into museums, Mozart’s birth house and various points of interest (a variety of wonderful class field trips).

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