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Hitler and Germany in the World Wars


HISTORY WORKSHOP (NFC) This workshop will investigate Austrian and German history in the first half of the Twentieth Century. Focus will be placed on the World Wars and the interim period. In-depth study of Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich’s rise to power amidst the Weimar Republic will precede a study of Austria and Germany during and after World War II. The issues examined will include factors leading to and encompassing World War I, the Versailles Treaty, Germany between the World Wars, World War II, and the Holocaust. Emphasis will center on Hitler’s Beer Hall Putsch, German Government 1928-1933, Nazi Fascism’s rise to power in German, and World War II. A non-traditional approach using field trips to German cities and Holocaust memorials and concentration camps will be made.

1945 photo of entrance tunnel to elevator going up to the Kehlsteinhaus, visible at top.


Jason Steinbrecher, History/Political Science instructor at Buck’s County Community College, holds B.A. and M.A. degrees from East Stroudsburg University and received the Phi Alpha Theta academic achievement award. Jason Steinbrecher combines a passion for history and zeal for life experiences in his dedication to learning and teaching. Jason is a 1999 past participant of CSA’s Program, taught this workshop in 2006, and is truly committed to providing a positive, fulfilling travel and learning experience against a backdrop of on-site study that allows for tangible understanding of subject matter and life-long memories. Feel free to contact Jason Steinbrecher. He can be reached at jsteinbrecher04@yahoo.com or steinbre@bucks.edu
:steinbre@bucks.edu or by phone at (215) 847-3981 concerning any course questions.


The workshop is open to all students interested in Austrian and German history in the frst half of the 20th century. Academic Credit (3 sem. UG) may be obtainable by March 2010, please contact Professor Steinbrecher for confrmation, details and costs. Workshop fees are: $300 billed by and payable to CSA prior to departure. Additional fees: Participation on CSA’s Berchtesgaden day trip required, participation on CSA’s weekend excursions highly recommended. Participants should expect to pay approx. $140 in place of textbooks for field trips/site entrance fees.

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