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Fine Art Photography Workshop


PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP (NFC). Learn the fundamentals of digital photography, digital literacy as well as the aesthetics of Fine Arts photography for gallery shows, imagery illustration, and proper editing techniques. Study photography in one of Europe’s most quaint and romantic cities, as well as some of Europe’s oldest sites and cities. Travel through Ice Caves, salt mines, go through the canals of Venice, beer garden; even see where Hitler slept. See all of Europe’s lush beauty waiting for you to capture it in your own magical way. Salzburg ofers a plethora of whimsical imagery perfect for any beginner through even the most seasoned photographer. The digital photo workshop is ideal for any photography, fne arts, or design, majors or even the enthusiast looking to broaden their knowledge if the feld. The experience is indispensable for any college or job application. You’ll quickly learn how your European experience will give you the leg up in your field. Build your portfolio and expand your photo literacy.


Vincent Norberg, a senior imaging specialist, specializing in photo repair and editing for print, traveled throughout Salzburg with CSA, in the Summer of 2005 where he took almost 5000 photos. Since then he has taught summer Photography Workshops, been published in the professional Literary and Art Publication ”Ares Poetica”, receiving the cover of their May of 2006 edition as well as two title pages, and photographed the Montclair Dance Company of New Jersey. Vincent had a gallery of his work running in June of 09 through Sept 09 in New Jersey. He has studied and photographed all over the world, including Italy, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic and Colombia. Vincent can be reached via e-mail at norbervf@yahoo.com or via telephone at 908-752-5660.

Salzburg Wedding

In July 2009, Vincent photographed a wedding in Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg Wedding

Learn the Fine Art of Photography in Salzburg this summer


This workshop is open to all those interested in digital photography. The Workshop fees (NFC) are: $350 plus $50 labfees for printing, billed by and payable to CSA (all fees due prior to departure). Additional fees: Approximately $50 to purchase tickets to exhibitions, entrance fees into museums, and various points of interest. Required Materials: A digital camera (over 8 megapixels is ideal but not required. If you are restricted to a point and shoot camera, look for one that has full manual capabilities), a digital SLR is strongly recommended, a minimum of a 2 gig memory card, a spare battery, a portable storage device of at least 8 gigs (fash drive, portable hard drive back up CD/DVD sharing of storage is not suggested) and any variety of lenses are encouraged.

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