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European Art and Architecture Workshop

Venice: Amazing Architechure


European Art and Architecture Workshop (NFC). Situated in one of the most charming and beautiful cities in Europe, the course will combine a rigorous academic experience with that of an exciting, hands-on immersion into the rich cultural and artistic heritage of Europe with particular emphasis on Salzburg, Austria, and an enlightening sojourn into Venice, Italy. The course will focus upon the development and progression of European painting, sculpture and architecture from the late Medieval to Baroque periods. Viewed as physical manifestations of the times during which they were created, a wide diversity of art objects will be studied for the aesthetic, artistic and cultural values they represent. Relevant philosophic, religious, political and scientifc developments will be discussed as well. Lectures, discussions, demonstrations, slide presentations, assigned readings and class trips will comprise the essential course structure.


Mr. William Schneberger, Art History Professor at Bergen Community College and recently retired Fine Arts/Art History teacher at Northern Valley Regional High School, has taught Fine Arts and Art History for over twenty years at both the high school and college levels. He holds B.A. and M.A. degrees and studied in a doctoral program at Columbia University. He is a Fulbright scholar (Belgium/Netherlands), a Bard Fellowship Recipient and has studied in Italy as a National Endowment for the Humanities Scholar. Mr. Schneberger is also a recipient of the R.I.S.D. Honors Program for Excellence in Art Education Award, the Baltimore Institute College of Art Teaching Award, the New Jersey Governor’s Teaching Award, and has been named Northern Valley Teacher of the Year. Mr. Schneberger is also the recipient of the ’Bergen County Teacher of the Year Award.’ He has also been honored at the White House as Advisor to the Northern Valley Academic Decathlon Team. Bill, along with his wife Nancy (see Introduction to the Humanities description) share a passion for travel and foreign study and have many years of leadership experience in European travel. Bill and Nancy are full-time Staf Members of CSA’s European Summer Study Program in Salzburg, Austria and have been associated with CSA since 1991. Together they combine a zest for life’s experiences with a tempered sense of what’s most important in a trip’s limited time frame. Their afable nature and commitment to learning virtually ensure all participants of a quality travel experience flled with enjoyment & lasting memories.


Everyday is a New Adventure


Open to all students interested in Art and Architecture. The Workshop fees (NFC) are: $350 (billed separately in the spring by CSA). Additional fees: include approximately $50 for entrance fees and $549 for required participation on CSA’s Venice Excursion.

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