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Alpine Cross-Country Cycling Workshop

Cross Country Cycling Workshop

Experience Austrian Mountain Biking at its Finest


ALPINE CYCLING WORKSHOP (NFC). Escape the tourist trails and discover the peace and tranquility of the countryside. Austria, famous for its beautiful mountain scenery, with its towering Alps and their foothills stretching across the western, southern, and central parts of the country, is blessed with many lovely, mirror-like lakes with thick forests covering much its land and fortunate enough to harbor some of Europe's finest cycling routes. Departing twice a week in the mornings, the diversity of the landscapes, the clean air, a far-reaching network of cycling routes that are meticulously signposted, make this cycling adventure pure enjoyment.


Experienced, Professional, English Speaking Austrian guide instructors with first aid skills and knowledge of bike maintenance are with you throughout each adventure.


Open to participants ages 18+ interested in outdoor adventure and physical challenge. Designed to attract people of easy to moderate levels of fitness. Most trips are at a gentle pace, about 7 miles per hour, leaving plenty of time for sightseeing, picnics, visiting castles, stopping for coffee… so you can relax and enjoy the countryside. Some focus on more challenging rides for those wanting to stretch themselves a little. Participants are required to sign a release form (acknowledgment of risk), purchase medical insurance, and provide a medical release form from their personal physician. Workshop fees are: $500 billed separately in the Spring by CSA and include guide/instructor. Additional fees: may include exercise clothing, proper shoes, bicycle rental (approx. $200), and helmet rental (approx. $25). Those who desire to bring their own equipment may do so and should contact CSA regarding additional baggage requirements and recommended insurance.

Cross Country Cycling Workshop

Every Beautiful Day is an Adventure

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