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Contemporary Embroidery Workshop

View of epitaphs on chiffon banners hanging from the skylights in the Gallery 80808/Vista Studios' atrium

Last Words: View of epitaphs on chiffon banners hanging from the skylights in the Gallery 80808 Vista Studios' atrium, Columbia, South Carolina


Fiber Arts Workshop (NFC). Workshop will be an opportunity to investigate several contemporary approaches to needlework while seeking inspiration from the rich Austrian culture, architecture, Alpine landscape, and historical sites. Daily sessions will include demonstrations of modern techniques, critical reviews, design exercises, and plenty of time for both group and individual stitching. Sketchbook and journaling will be encouraged. The development of a body of work will be investigated. Conservation and presentation concerns will also be discussed.

Susan Lenz, Contemporary Embroiderer

Susan Lenz, Artist


Susan Lenz, an internationally known contemporary embroiderer, has taught through the South Carolina Arts Commission’s artist in resident program and conducted workshops and presentations for arts educators and the MAT program at Lander University. Her work has been selected in numerous national juried exhibitions and in solo shows. Susan is the eldest daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Henry and Linda Lenz, founders of the Cultural Studies Academy. She grew up with CSA and enjoying the beauty of the Salzburg area. She plans on working side-by-side her students in a friendly, productive, sharing atmosphere geared to increase productivity and creativity. To view Susan’s work, please visit one of her blogs: Art By Susan Lenz; Decision Portraits; Grave Rubbing Quilts or contact her directly via email at mouse_house@prodigy.net

Blues Chapel

Tapestry in Blue, 51 × 112, 2006. The unit is the focal point for Blues Chapel, honoring 24 early female blues singers. The 24 mixed media portraits are hung as a single unit. Gallery 80808 Vista Studios, Columbia, SC


Open to all students. Taught in English— no knowledge of the German language is required. Workshop sessions structured so that professionals and amateurs alike can broaden their knowledge of this fascinating, hands-on art medium. Workshop fees are: $400 (no academic credit). Invoiced separately by CSA prior to departure.

Nail Triptych. Currently on view in the Rocky Mount Imperial Art Center's National Handcrafted Juried Exhibition

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