CSA Tours


A $500 application fee is required with the Reservation Form. This fee is refundable in full if the participant is not accepted. After acceptance, the application fee will be applied toward the participant’s Program cost. The frst payment of $400 is due two weeks after the date of the acceptance letter. The remaining balance will be billed in two equal installments.

At the time of acceptance, a Payment Schedule will be sent to the participant indicating when each payment is due. Special payment schedules and flexible payment plans can be arranged by CSA upon request. Payment in full must be received forty-fve (45) days before the scheduled departure date. CSA does not assess late fees, however it is the participant’s responsibility to be certain all fees are paid when due. (The application fee is non-refundable.)

Checks, money orders or credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, & Discover) will be accepted for Program, Tuition, Insurance, Optional Day Trips, Optional Overnight Excursions, and Bicycle Rental payments. [Excursions & Bike Rental payments are due no later than 5/31/10 – sign-up forms, billing &
details are sent in the Spring.] Participant’s payments will be escrowed in an account maintained by NexTier Bank of Pennsylvania.

Tuition and/or Workshop fees are billed separately (see “Additional Fees” sections course/workshop descriptions).

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