CSA Tours


Luggage travels at the risk of the participants and CSA is not responsible for any delay of, loss or damage to it or its contents. Participants are responsible for transporting their own luggage in/out of airports and in/out of accommodations and are urged to carry appropriate insurance and to travel light. Participants traveling with musical instruments are highly encouraged to purchase baggage insurance. Lufthansa Airlines baggage regulations at the time of printing this brochure permit a maximum number of two checked bags of no more than 50 pounds in weight each and one carry-on baggage of up to 18 pounds (dimensions not to exceed 22 X 16 X 8 inches) per Economy passenger. However, please be informed that this regulation may change prior to departure. CSA will keep all participants informed. Should the regulation change, participants should be aware of and prepared to pay additional fees for checked baggage over one piece per passenger as well as for excess and over-sized, special baggage.

For a listing of weight restrictions on Lufthansa Airlines, please visit www.lufthansa.com


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