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2010 European Summer Study Program in Salzburg, Austria

It is the policy of the Cultural Studies Academy (CSA) to promote cultural exchange, foreign study and travel, and to support each participant’s right to express views and opinions while associating freely with others. In order to assure those rights to all participants of the European Summer Study Program in Salzburg, Austria, the Procedures and Regulations outline rules and prohibited conduct during the Program and identify applicable disciplinary actions for any violations.

The European Summer Study Program in Salzburg, Austria is a partially supervised Program. The group each year is very heterogeneous: undergraduate, graduate and adult college students, professors, teachers, and high school students. CSA maintains an office with scheduled hours during the academic session in Salzburg, providing individualized and personal attention for all participants. The supervision provided is always appropriate to the character of the group as a whole. Participants are supervised when there are academic sessions or classes, and participants are accompanied by supervising personnel on day trips and overnight excursions, which are sponsored by the Program. However, supervision is not provided on a 24 hour per day basis, even on the trips and excursions. One reason for this is that the participants stay in bed and breakfast accommodations which are not in the same building as the accommodations for the supervisory personnel. Also, there are significant amounts of time during the week when the participants are on their own and not subject to any supervision. Consequently, it is absolutely essential that a participant possess sufficient maturity, discretion and good judgment to be able to require a minimum of restrictions and conduct himself or herself in a safe and respectable manner when he or she is not participating in supervised activities. It is understood and agreed that the Cultural Studies Academy, Inc. does not assume any responsibility for the safety or well being of the participants. By signing the Program Application, each participant agrees to cooperate fully and abide by CSA’s Procedures and Regulations, as established in CSA’s sole discretion, both in public and in private settings.

1. CONDUCT: Every participant is expected to maintain the highest moral conduct, in private and in public. Participants are requested to keep in mind that they, more than anyone else, create a lasting image of the United States among the Austrian, Italian, German and all European people as Ambassadors of U.S. culture. Acceptance into the CSA Program carries with it the presumption that participants will conduct themselves as responsible members of CSA’s Program. As a condition of acceptance to and participation on the Program, all participants assume responsibility to observe standards of conduct that will contribute to the academic goals and welfare of the Program. Responsibilities include but are not limited to:
a. Practicing high standards of academic and professional honesty and integrity;
b. Respecting the rights, privileges, and property of other participants on the Program, CSA staff members and CSA faculty members
or school officials of the Program, and visitors of the Program;
c. Refraining from any conduct that would interfere with CSA functions or endanger the health, welfare, or safety of other persons;
d. Complying with the rules, regulations, procedures, policies, standards of conduct, and orders of CSA.

Misconduct will be punishable by expulsion from the program, with all costs pertaining to the return to the United States (and/or hometown) being assumed by the participant. Specific instances of misconduct include, but are not limited to:
a. Public intoxication, disturbance of peace, inappropriate behavior, disrespect to others, conduct unbecoming, and/or incidents
requiring the intervention of the city, public officials, CSA staff members, CSA faculty members or school officials;
b. Physical abuse of any person, or conduct intended to threaten imminent bodily harm or to endanger the health or safety of any
person and/or self on or associated with the Program or in any of the communities visited;
c. Conduct constituting a sexual offense, whether forcible or non-forcible, such as rape, sexual assault, or sexual harassment;
d. Malicious damage to or malicious misuse of CSA’s and/or its associates’ property;
e. Possession or use of firearms, explosives, dangerous chemicals or other dangerous weapons/instruments on the Program;
f. Unlawful possession, use, distribution, or manufacture of alcohol or controlled substances on the CSA Program;
g. Intentionally inciting others to engage immediately in any unlawful activity, which incitement leads directly to such conduct on the CSA Program.

2. DRIVING: No student under 18 years of age is allowed to operate any motor-driven vehicle (two or four wheel types) or to ride in/on same, unless explicitly authorized by the CSA Director.

3. INDEPENDENT TRAVEL: Students under 18 years of age are allowed unescorted, independent travel outside of Salzburg only under the conditions of a parental release form (sent to participants' parents/guardians in the spring). Such travel is subject to the final approval of the CSA staff. Prior to departure, a student is required to file his/her date of proposed departure and return with an indication of the mode of transportation and destination with the CSA office. (Students over 18 are also required to file a record of their intended travels.) Hitchhiking is absolutely forbidden. (Involvement in an accident means your passport is impounded and you cannot leave the country pending a court hearing.)
The Academy can assume no responsibility for the safety, health and well-being of students. If a participant travels separately from an Academy tour, he/she is fully responsible for rejoining the group before departure for the United States (and/or hometown) unless he/she is returning independently. Should an individual fail to rejoin the group or arrive too late for an announced departure, he/she MUST take all responsibility, both legal and financial and make arrangements for and pay for the return flight to the United States (and/or hometown) and/or return to final destination.

4. CURFEW: In various European countries, persons who are sixteen (16) years old or younger are subject to a curfew and must be off the streets by 12:00 a.m. (Midnight), unless accompanied by an adult acting as a legal guardian. These curfews must be obeyed or else a participant risks being cited and possibly taken into custody by Police officials. In addition, CSA reserves the right to impose a more restrictive curfew. The participant agrees to be bound by any applicable curfews.

5. DRESS CODE: In order to reduce the risk of endangering the safety of the participant, the participant hereby agrees to abide by the following Dress Code, which is subject to change by CSA in its sole discretion:
a. United States of America flags, insignias or other paraphernalia will not be part of any participant’s wearing apparel and shall
otherwise not be displayed unless authorized in advance by CSA’s personnel.
b. Only modest and conservative clothing will be worn. No clothing shall be worn which is in any way provocative or promiscuous so
as to invite the advances by persons of the opposite or same sex. CSA shall, in its sole discretion, have the right, but not the
obligation, to decide if any clothing is suitable/appropriate based upon the participant’s age and the particular situation.

6. REFUNDS: No refunds can be extended should an individual decide to remain in Europe (written permission from parents for those under 18) and not join the group return. There are strict penalties for the refunding and/or changing of an international airline ticket(s) and/or of a domestic ticket(s) which one assumes if extending their stay.

7. PASSPORTS AND VISAS: Every participant MUST have a passport when traveling independently or with the Academy. No visa is required for those traveling on an United States issued passport to enter Germany, Austria, or Italy. Participants traveling on passports not issued by the United Sates of America are responsible for applying and obtaining required visas for entry into all countries they will enter while traveling with the Academy. Those traveling independently may need a visa(s) for entry into other countries and are responsible for applying and obtaining any visas for such travel.

8. CSA OPTIONAL TRAVEL: Students 18 years or older only (or those 18 years or younger—with Parental or Legal Guardian’s written consent) may sell, purchase or exchange places with another Academy student on any trips for which they have signed up, providing our office is notified and the change is approved and recorded. For day trips the transaction must be approved no later than three days prior to departure of the trip concerned. For overnight excursions the transaction must be approved no later than seven days prior to the departure of the trip concerned. No changes will be honored unless approved by the CSA office within these deadlines. Cancellations or no-showing of an excursion is non-refundable once in Salzburg. Failure to show up/appear for any reason whatsoever at the announced time of departure for an Academy trip means the forfeiture of any money paid for that trip.

9. ATTENDANCE: Attendance at classes is compulsory for all students and will be recorded. Missing academic classes may effect a student’s grade.

10. MEALS: We are sorry, special dietary meals of any kind/type can not be accommodated.

11. REGULATIONS: The Academy reserves the right, in its sole discretion, change any existing regulations and to post and implement any additional regulations as it finds necessary during the duration of the program. Such regulations become binding on all participants, in accordance with the conditions set forth on the application for admittance to the Academy program.

Willingness to comply with these rules is a condition of one's acceptance as a participant. A violation could mean expulsion from the program in which monies may be lost.

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