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Sonya Lenz, Program Director

Growing up in Austria

Little Sonya Ready for her favorite: CSA's Folkdance Night

Dr. and Mrs. Lenz have four daughters, all of whom were raised working and traveling with the family business. Youngest daughter, Sonya, spent every summer of her childhood and teen years in Salzburg with CSA’s European Summer Study Program. She studied both German and non-German courses on the Program, later was a member of the CSA Salzburg Staff and is now the Group Coordinator and Director of the Program.

Growing up in Austria

Sonya Showing the Student's How it's Done

Sonya received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with an emphasis in Art History and Ceramic Sculpture at Slippery Rock University. She has lived and worked in Europe, Asia, and the United States.

Growing up in Austria

Sonya in Europe 2009

“CSA is what ‘it’ is all about to me. I love introducing new cultures to people and it gives me particular pleasure to experience being with those who are visiting Europe for the frst time. I consider myself fortunate because I get to know participants prior to departure (from working at the CSA Home Ofce) then watch them undergo this delightful eye-opening type of transformation while abroad. CSA has a wonderful Staf of teachers, instructors and guides on our European Summer Study Program in Salzburg, Austria,… and all of us are totally into what we do!” says Sonya.

Growing up in Austria

Sonya Lenz, CSA Program Director

CSA, and Sonya, are knowledgeable about the history, culture and people of Europe. To travel with them is to have an adventure of a lifetime!

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